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GIS Services

BDY’s GIS capabilities go beyond mapping, providing spatial analysis services and spatial data management solutions that complement our natural resource expertise. Through the use of technical software such as ESRI and RockWare products we are able to depict the surface or subterranean features for specific projects. These two-dimensional or 3-D renderings are utilized to visualize site characteristics for detailed analysis, inclusion in permit documents, display, or for presentations to clients or regulatory agencies.



  • Trail Mapping and Tiled Image Cartography
  • Detailed Property Maps
  • Site Planning

Spatial Analysis

  • Watershed Analysis
  • Landcover Mapping/Land Use Analysis
  • 3D Rendering/ Viewshed Analysis
  • Hydrologic Studies
  • Habitat Modeling

Web Maps and Spatial Databases

  • Open Source Web Mapping Solutions using GeoServer, PostGIS, OpenLayers and Leaflet
  • Web Map Enabled APEX Oracle Applications
  • Mobile Device Maps (Both Online and Offline)