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Mammals of the Great Smoky Mountains & the Southern Appalachians

This application currently covers the 69 mammal species that are either known or historically documented as occurring within the GSMNP and surrounding regions. These species are represented by 266 images and detailed descriptions that include information regarding morphological attributes, range, preferred habitat and food, behavior, and significance to the GSMNP. Discover Life in America has provided maps showing documented and potential distribution within the park. The formulation of these original species descriptions utilized regional taxonomic keys, existing mammal guides, and personal observations. Literature consulted in the preparation of these descriptions is included in the Literature Cited section below. It must be noted, that without the hard work and significant contributions of researchers and their published literature, this effort could not have been possible. In an effort to appeal to the amateur user, all measurements included within the application adhere to the American system of measurement (i.e., inches and feet) since the metric system is not widely adopted outside of the scientific community within the United States. The primary goal of this project was to raise awareness of the incredible biological diversity of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and surrounding environs. In an effort to achieve this goal we have dedicated a portion of the proceeds generated from the sale of this application to Discover Life in America.


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