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Great Smoky Mountains Wildflowers

This application currently covers 178 of the most commonly observed wildflower species within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and surrounding regions. The current focus of the project is primarily herbaceous plants, although some sub-shrub and woody vines have been included. These species are represented by over 450 images and detailed descriptions that include information regarding plant characteristics such as: approximate height, flower color, leaf type, leaf arrangement, leaf size and margins, inflorescence types, flower attributes, flowering period, and habitats. The formulation of these original species descriptions utilized regional taxonomic keys, existing plant guides, and personal observations. The primary goal of this project was to raise awareness of the incredible biological diversity of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and surrounding environs. In an effort to achieve this goal we have dedicated up to 25% of our proceeds generated from the sale of this application to Discover Life in America.


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