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Canadian National Railway Permitting

BDY directed the §404 permit and §401 Water Quality application process, including demonstration of economic or social necessity for degradation to Tier II (High Quality) waters of the State for the reinforcement of an existing railway bridge over the Hatchie River. BDY prepared a comprehensive antidegradation analysis that included evaluation of Tier II designation, biological use support, de minimus impact analysis, alternatives analysis, and evaluation of economic or social justification. Associated activities include presentations at Public Meetings and preparation of expert testimony before the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) Water Quality Control Board. Additional activities include acquisition of exhaustive hydraulic, hydrologic, and ecological data to support the applicant’s degradation justification, negotiation of project mitigation plan, and extensive involvement in public participation process. Despite Tier II resource status, obtained §401 Water Quality Certification and §404 permit.


Canadian National Railway


Permitting and antidegradation analysis